Meeting demand amidst industry change

Across today’s healthcare landscape, medical needs are evolving while budgets are shrinking.

Increasingly, healthcare organisations are expected to balance both patient and organisational needs. The common thread shared between the two is the desire for improved medical outcomes. With the sudden influx of new technologies into the healthcare space, a clear connection to medical impact is more important than ever. The question then arises, how can laboratories contribute to these efforts while also pushing the boundaries of laboratory medicine?


Connecting medical value to the laboratory

Up to 85% of clinical decisions come from laboratory results. Additionally, laboratory data typically comprises 70% of a patient’s medical record. Despite this heavy reliance, laboratories only receive about 2-3% of all healthcare spending.1,2

Medical roles within the laboratory serve as the connecting link between clinicians and those performing tests. As the party responsible for ensuring high-quality clinical service, delivering precise and accurate results is a top priority to enable clinicians to give patients the best chance for optimal outcomes. 

In addition to controlling the quality of results, medical directors often proactively support preventative care measures. Keeping up with guidelines and maintaining stakeholder engagement is a significant undertaking, but one that is essential for internal and external reputation management. As demands increase on both fronts, so does the need for a sustainable solution.

Ease the pressure with absolute automation

Automating complex and repetitive processes is a well-established strategy for increasing output without adding manpower. With the Molecular Work Area, absolute automation takes this strategy to new heights. The high-throughput cobas® 6800/8800 Systems require minimal hands-on time and have a comprehensive testing menu that will meet the current and future needs of your laboratory. Additional efficiencies can be realised with a suite of pre- and post-analytical instruments and state-of-the-art data solutions.

Optimised sample processing 
A leading commercial laboratory group scaled up and transformed their molecular testing operations, allowing them to reliably test more patient samples faster.3




Take charge of your laboratory’s future

The Molecular Work Area gives the right information to the right people to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • End-to-end automation optimises laboratory resources, drives more predictable turnaround times, and limits opportunities for human error
  • The broad testing menu streamlines laboratory instrumentation while empowering medical directors to choose the right tests
  • Advanced data capabilities can generate actionable insights that inform more meaningful outcomes

Start your transformation. Building a better tomorrow begins today.



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  3. Data on file with Roche.

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