Redefining molecular testing

While today’s healthcare landscape presents laboratories with a number of operational challenges, the Molecular Work Area opens up several exciting opportunities for long-term sustainability.



Designed for today, designed for tomorrow

The Molecular Work Area is built around the ground-breaking cobas® 6800 and 8800 Systems, along with their broad and flexible assay menu. Additional standalone solutions for automation and connectivity can be added over time, allowing you to move and grow at your own pace. Together, these components form a future-ready solution for any size laboratory.

To help you fully realise your laboratory transformation, Roche Healthcare Consultants provide expert support at every stage in the journey.


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Start your journey towards a simple, efficient, and consolidated future

The Molecular Work Area is envisioned to consolidate and automate greater than 90%* of a molecular laboratory’s non-urgent, routine testing. Each solution plays a part in delivering scalable capacity without increased effort.

*May vary based on assay availability in your country


Industry-leading systems

Prepare your laboratory for future sustainability with today’s leading molecular systems.

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Diagnostic areas

An ever-expanding and diverse range of high-quality assays deliver reliable results each and every time.

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Pre- and post-analytics

Integrated solutions, validated for molecular labs, automatically prepare numerous sample types for molecular testing.

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Data capabilities

Transforming data into valuable insights to drive more confident decision-making.

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Roche Healthcare Consulting

Expert advice and support on optimising your lab, your workflow, and your future.

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Transform your organisation

Learn how to put long-term sustainability within reach, no matter your lab’s size or discipline. Laboratory leaders have identified the ideal process for labs looking to implement transformation initiatives.

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Invest in your future

How can you quantify the tangible and intangible economic benefits of implementing a Roche Solution? Our team of expert consultants can help you determine the best approach for your unique needs.

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Maximise your laboratory’s impact on healthcare

Unlock your laboratory’s true potential by integrating molecular testing, and elevating the value you deliver to your organisation and, ultimately, patients.

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